In the words of Denver Morris, "Hold on tight, it's going to be a rollercoaster!" Those are the words he'd share with himself as a recruit, and rightfully so. This conversation is FILLED with a everything BUT a literal rollercoaster of high’s and lows.

Enlisting in 2004, and giving his country one solid tour, with two trips to the sandbox, Denver left the Corps wanting to pick up where his teenage mentality left off... which led to cocaine, pushing a guy through a window, and a few attempts at taking his own life.

Getting way too familiar with people turning their backs on him, Denver longed for people's trust; and by 2016... he had the trust of Jay Glazer, and Nate Boyer—founders of Merging Vets and Players (MVP), a program created to bring the warriors from both worlds (both military and professional sport) together to create a space of normalcy and growth. 

Throughout the conversation, Denver talks about seeking validation, which is something I believe a lot of us do one we get out. We want to feel like we are worth something, because for some of us, there's a moment after the confetti all settles to the floor and there's nobody left to party with... that we feel like we've just been spit out into a place where judgement come quick and harsh.

“I found what I was good at, because I relate to veterans!” Denver talks about how he got connected with Unbreakable Performance (Los Angeles), and the expansion to both Las Vegas (gym Xtreme Couture MMA), and San Diego—being the newest gym. [Active Duty members are encouraged to join the fun] All locations start stretching out AT 2 pm on Thursdays (but you should really check the Facebook sites for any changes)

One big ask from Denver to you... Please help fund this program by visiting and click on the Red Donate tag. Or send a check to:

MVP, c/o The Ozurovich Group, 1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1050, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Please make checks payable to "Merging Vets and Players.

Show Notes

Grandpa’s Wisdom about what it takes to raise a family - (8:30)

“I don’t need anyone” - (11:09)

Denver has been bringing people together since stationed in 29 Palms, integrating his newest family with his blood, by bringing them home with him on the weekend! So it makes sense that he would be so natural in being the hype man for the veteran voice when it comes to bringing vets into MVP! - (15:00)

**“I’m a quiet Leader”** - (16:00)

What happens when mentally when, “I mess up” (insecurities) - (17:00)

Outside noise — talk about living life like a high schooler again and living life fully after the service - (18:05)

Jay Glazer - “ own up to it, be proud of it, we are different” - (23:33) 

“The Marine Corps raised us up to be men and not have your hand held, but realistically the Corps held my hand by taking care of all the adult stuff we don’t know how to do now on the outside…” - (24:00)

Talk about Finding your self worth, and finding your identity: Find all the resources you can to find what you’re good at… - (26:45)

Continue the conversation of Santa Barbra “Flipping the switch” 
- (28:45)

The start of his cocaine addiction and suicide attempt #1 ….. “I Was once a hero… now I’m a nobody” - (30:00)

Denver’s dad once explained to him that, sure… he may never know what it’s like to be in his shoes… "but you [Denver] don’t know what it feels like to say goodbye to his son going overseas…“ "we can play the victim all we want, but at the same time, a lot of people don’t understand how WE feel and I don’t know how THEY feel…" - (35:00)

Volunteers of America (VOA) Hollywood Veteran Center - homeless shelter for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans - (39:30) 

Getting service connected, getting backpay, and then blowing the money - being irresponsible with money… - (41:30)

Surrounding yourself with yes’men that don’t really have your best interest at heart - (43:30)

Triggers that harbor unhealthy routines - (44:11)

The moment he realized he needed a new beginning - (45:30)

"This NEW beginning… was MY choice... I NEED TO BE HUMBLE in 2015" - (49:00)

The newest chapter of his life… MVP - (50:45)

Asking for help - (51:50)

Nate Boyer - (53:00)

Jay Glazer - (60:00)

What is MVP - (62:00)

What MVP has done for Denver and vice versa - (1:08:30)

What it means to Denver to be humble - (1:12:45)

The 2 Goals Denver must hit each day to be productive - (1:17:21)

Ryan Leaf's success story - (1:23:00) (Shout out to Ryan)

Denver’s guidance to the vet’s struggling today - (1:30:00)

Shout outs to Isaac (vegas), Noel (vegas), & AJ (Los Angeles) 

Contact Denver through MVP's social media sites