Drew Lucas shares with us his first ever love letter that he's written, and it just so happens to be to himself! 

Technology ruined this week's conversation with this Marine infantryman and myself... and not only am I extremely sad about it, but I'm crazy upset that the un-layering that happened throughout the conversation we had... is gone... in the cyber wind.

Luckily, I had the camera rolling as he shared his art with us, and I was at least able to catch this letter that he wrote to himself after his return to the civilian world... and man... it's good.

Drew moved from the East to the West coast, to find himself in a world of advocacy.  Creating programs like The Blue Project, and introducing Ted-X to the California State University, Northridge, Drew has helped the veterans that have crossed paths with him—find peace in their minds by helping find their own peaceful warriors.

Currently working with Street Poets, Inc., Drew has found himself cleaning up the streets of the Middle East, to cleaning up the streets of Los Angeles by reaching out to troubled youth and those trying to get out of that gang lifestyle.

I promise to get you Drew on this show again, but for the meantime, please enjoy this love to Drew—from Drew.

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