This very special episode is dedicated to our guest this week—Hector Cabrera. Hector served/serves in the Air Force, and during his day job—he makes people question if there are really people out there that are this nice.

I met Hector on my journey into USC Marshall, where we were classmates in the Sixth-Cohort of the Masters of Business for Veterans program; and what I learned from this conversation… the answer to that question is—yes. People are actually Hector kind of nice.

Coming to America when he was 8 years old, Hector lost everything he’d ever known as normal life. Hector quickly learned that to improve in life, he should mimic those who are doing well. And so he did… all the way to college… till the tragedy of 9/11.

Hector speaks very candidly about what it was like growing up in America and what patriotism and human kindness mean to him. He speaks about the process of improvement, and the keys to good living being forgiveness, servitude, humility, and gratitude. I can tell from the amount of shout outs he makes, that he is very much valued and appreciated in the lives of the people he comes across.

And you’ll soon see why.

Why this episode is special, is because I purposely waited to get Hector on the mic to get to know him. I knew we’d have a phenomenal conversation, and I got him right in time… because he had to leave our cohort to deploy to **OPSEC**.

So as Cohort VI graduates this next week, I held this episode back from being published—so that Hector is with us as we walk the stage! FIGHT ON Hector! FIGHT ON MBV!

Show Notes

 (8:43) Pre-Air Force Hector

 (10:13) Double Whammy

 (14:48) Becoming American

 (17:03) Prom Talk

 (20:38) Modeling the Future

 (26:53) Aim High

 (32:13) When a minority became a minority

 (36:03) Leaving the military pre-maturely

 (39:03) Learning from change

 (39:53) Recognizing PTSD

 (42:00) What do you do with enlightenment?

 (46:58) #Gratitude #Blessed

 (59:46) WOOOOOer

 (1:01:57) Human Capital

 (1:05:00) Learning how to be present

 (1:06:33) TROY

 (1:14:19) The secret to finishing what you’ve started

 (1:18:43) The importance of humility

 (1:29:57) What Hector learned from running a business

 (1:27:13) Hector learns that he is a LIAR

 (1:29:57) What makes your product different?

 (1:32:56) Lessons Learned

 (1:35:03) Non-Profitted Future

 (1:43:03) Tribe Mentality

 (1:44:37) Legacy

 (1:50:43) What’s on your chest

 (1:57:45) We’re all lighthouses

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