James Klarenbach joins the #YearOfTheVet family and brings a conversation full of the mental side of achieving your goals.  

A recently retired Chief Petty Officer and a self-proclaimed "nomad," James really does hit the key thoughts and emotions of what it's like to start over—whether starting over means starting over at a new duty station, or starting over after the service.  Lessons learned from noticing he wasn't a good match for a company and vice versa due to the atmosphere, and the people surrounding him in his workplace... to learning and practicing "Intentional Focus," in order to work toward your visions, as well as letting your visions work for you, James comes to the show to share all that valuable gold here with you.

James, also being a Certified Hypnotherapist and Veteran advocate, talks about how he uses his trade to help those individuals suffering from battle fatigue, depression, body syndromes, pain, cancer, and PTSD, by using tools a "scripting," law of attraction, guided imagery, and a whole tool bag full of mental tools.

Show Notes

Some key takeaway points from our conversation is to:

 “Plan Better…Your chances of greater success, come from planning longer and further out and looking at what you want do and coming up with a solid plan”

 “Where attention goes, energy flows”



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