Being busy, came with accolades… but it was a coping mechanism
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From a small 3-Stop light town in Colorado, to the silver screen… Navy Veteran Jennifer Marshall is highlighted on this special Veteran’s day release of #YearOfTheVet!

By far one of my favorite conversations to date (even though I sounded like I was out of it the whole time), the #YearOfTheVet family is absolutely going to love this conversation with Jenn as much as I did—and soon you’ll realize why!

Given a pretty shitty and unstable foundation to build upon, Jenn fought to never be looked at as a zero, and because of that she’s a hero! Joining the Navy immediately after High School, Jenn’s military career looked promising until Jenn started to get the adverse reactions to the anthrax shot that was forced upon us right after 9/11. This Operational Iraqi Freedom veteran and at some point Junior Sailor of the Quarter set sails to Hollywood, California (see what I did there?), but not before educating her mind!

Jenn’s primary claim to fame is her face… and that’s not a sexist remark—Jenn lands roles for a living; and you may have seen her in some small productions you might miss if you’re not looking like Stranger Things, and Hawaii 5-0. She’s also been is some American classics like Poseidon Rex. Jenn’s busy. Let’s put this into perspective… She and I are mid-Thirties. She served her country, went to college—twice… volunteered teaching time abroad, volunteers all over California with 5 different groups, AND STILL has 57 acting credits to make up just a scratch of what Jennifer brings to the table.

Man, I tell you… This conversation is bananas, because I feel like we get as deep as we can while trying to fit in as many topics as we can, and we hit some pretty tight emotions! We cover everything from becoming a student veteran in a college that primarily doesn’t share the same views of the world, to the taxing process and emotional joy of adoption! We cover tricks of the trade on the Hollywood scene, as well as the selfish benefits of volunteering.

There’s even talk of drug addiction, and sexual abuse.

Jennifer Marshall came on the show and gave me her all, and I am grateful for her authenticity, and her ability to make me look good in this conversation! I’m honored that she came to share time with me for this conversation, and I hope that all women heroes out there have the opportunity to hear this episode of #YearOfTheVet and find strengths in your own stories, to own your voices like she has—and inspire those behind you!

You have to see yourself as a product … and if somebody isn’t into [your product] that’s fine because someone will come along who is interested.

Show Notes

 (4:08) Did you say Kale?

 (5:08) Living in gratitude

 (7:36) The power of social media

 (8:35) Help Get me out of here

 (9:39) Pressure creates diamonds

 (11:05) There is no try

 (14:08) Leaving small town

 (17:15) We can outwork most civilians

 (18:37) Ohhhh Anthrax

 (25:56) Leaving the service

 (27:30) Becoming a student veteran

 (29:44) Set-up to fail

 (30:20) Biggest slap in the face

 (33:08) Dancing around the word difficult

 (37:19) Failing a generation of kids…

 (40:28) Starting from scratch

 (43:57) Jennifer’s Why

 (45:39) Our thoughts on using the platforms you built…

 (47:42) Volunteering

 (52:52) The power of being present

 (54:39) The power of talking about hard shit

 (1:00:21) Sorry… I’m looking for corn, not fancy peas (Advice for the thespians)!

 (1:05:02) City of Angels, or City of Broken Dreams?

 (1:06:42) You may not be the first selection… thats ok

 (1:10:19) Choosing to Adopt — THIS is insightful AF…

 (1:17:30) When Vets talk Parenting… (This is actually a new project I’m working on!!!)

 (1:23:23) A message to the female heroes!

 (1:27:09) A message for those who’ve suffered Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

 (1:28:25) Totally weird segue…

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