Justin Jones joins us as the newest #YearOfTheVet family member to drop a little bit of transition knowledge. When I met Justin, I was JUST transitioning out of the Corps, and after having this conversation with him, I now understand why he always seemed so elevated compared to the rest of us.

Learning his way to the top, Justin shares stories about what it's like to land a job in the the kitchen, and what it takes to become and stay successful when it gets too hot in the kitchen.

Justin also brings the element of family life and work life balance
to the conversation, which I know for a lot of veterans... is one of the hardest things to figure out.

Seriously, one of the most down to earth guys... who can tell you that nothing comes easy from taking the shortcuts in life. Read through the show notes below and throw this episode on, and just chill all the way through, till the end of the conversation.

Show Notes

Hear the excitement in Justin’s excitement to be on the show (4:07)

Pre-Marine Corps Justin (4:47)

We talk about the little Filipino inside of Justin (7:00)

The road to the literal chopping block (7:39)

The recruiter lies to the Chefs too! (8:30)

“Working at the prisons…didn’t speak to me…” (11:13)

The GI Bill… “back in the day” (13:03)

Starting over at 22 (15:31)

Esprit de… Kitchen (18:00)

California Culinary Academy on Polk Street (19:01)

The energy in a kitchen—the kitchen high (21:10)

Does Justin have a “Top Gun” of cooking movies? (25:00)

Justin’s culinary resume (27:18)

How children can ruin a job as Chef to the Playboy Bunnies! (29:38)

Becoming the feeder of nerds! Culinary master to the one of the greatest brains this generation has seen, and his employees that will send us all to space… Space-X (31:44)

Maintaining discipline in the kitchen (34:35)

What it takes to become successful in the food business (36:52)

Passing on knowledge (40:36)

Burritos and Rosemary! (41:37)

Chitterlings aka the “poo trap” (43:58)

Justin’s dreams (46:08)

Balancing family vs food (47:35)

Justin’s advice to struggling veterans (51:48)

“Shut up and Listen” (54:33)

Final advice for aspiring chefs (55:10)

Shout outs to:
Chef Troy Thompson, Chef Jojo Vasquez & Chef Ted Cizma

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