Lorenzo McNulty, a Marine Corps veteran, joins us today as the very first guest of the #YearOfTheVet podcast, to talk about his transition from the service, to where his is today!

Founder of The Wealth Academy, and author of "A Girl's Gotta Have Her Own Money: Pretty | Powerful | Profitable," McNulty has focused his energy into providing both men & women the information and tools, to become financially independent, and not have to struggle the way he did on his journey to his children's independence.

McNulty started from the bottom of sales, all the way to the corner offices—training Fortune 500 CEO's... this is a "wealth" of knowledge to listen to... pun intended.

*I have to apologize for the dissonance of the two mic levels and the first few couple of minutes of tech problems, but WHEN YOU GO LIVE, YOU'RE LIVE BABY!

Keep listening... because it was such a great conversation that may help you in some way, shape, or form!

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