“Listen to your elders!”  I know we’ve all heard that before, and the older we get—we realize we were told that for good reason!  Not to date the latest guest to join the #YearOfTheVet family, Michael Anthony Carr, but this Kosovo era veteran brings some wisdom to the conversation from his childhood in the Bronx right before the beginning of Hip-Hop, to the longest and most tiresome (and rewarding) job we’ll ever have… Marriage.

Having a nomad's heart, “Mike-C” (which I never once call him, but it seems like a very fitting Bronx name) talks about culture, traveling, and how all that facilitated this journey for him to find his brand, which as of today we can address as the Dreadlock Connoisseur!

Michael is the epitome of an entrepreneur, being that he’s found himself working “on” radios in the service, to petroleum, computer repair, phone cards, investing, sales, wine, blogging, and some jobs that shall remain nameless in writing, and you’ll have to catch it in the conversation.   However, even with all that background of being a Jack-of-all-Trades, Michael soon recognized from “being an entrepreneur, and continuously falling over,” he learned that his mindset of “make money, and run your own stuff [isn’t] a true vision…” and that is where he really learned about his brand: Leadership.

Show Notes

We literally talk about so much that I couldn’t fit into the intro, and if I wrote it out, it’d be a publishable short story… so here are some bullet points of our time together!  We talk about:

Growing up in an artistic house,
The secret to a loooong marriage,
Life before Hip-Hop,
Mortality ← Make sure you hear this right here… 
Building your own legacy, 
Using Space-A (space available flights) to fly to cities before you get out to recon the area you may move to!
Being resourceful,
Learning from past mistakes,
Being capable of ANYTHING,
Racial divides, 
Standing up for your peers, and selflessness, 
Taking sabbaticals to reset, 
Dealing with survivor's guilt and PTSD today…

… and seriously so much more.  I was honored to have a seasoned veteran such as Michael on #YearOfTheVet, and I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

*I want to apologize to Mike for taking over his conversation at times… I was just THAT engaged with what he had to say!”*

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