About #YearOfTheVet

#YearOfTheVet is a podcast created by me; A10-year Marine Corps veteran, author of “How to Grow a Beard: A Military Transition Guide Back into Civilian Life,“ and 2017 California DAV Veteran of the Year—Robert Graves.  The sole intention is to share the lessons learned from the transitions stories of veterans around the globe who can add value to lives of the vets who are walking the same transition path that others once walked.

#YearOfTheVet showcases veterans from all corners of the vocational world, as well as extraordinary hobbies—and some who just simply have fantastic and motivating stories.

From it, we share what is possible to those out there who:
-1) don’t understand the world of veterans, 
-2) don’t know the potential of the value of being a vet, and
-3) maybe struggling in the process of transitioning as a vet. 

It's my intention to help as many people in their process of transition, and for the generations behind me to have knowledge readily available from the lessons already learned.

To the Veterans visiting this site, remember—We are the trailblazers! We still have an obligation to lead, teach, and maintain troop welfare—Even after the service! You can do so by simply sharing this project, and let our next generation know they don't have to learn the mistakes on their own!




Robert Graves