From a 19D Calvary Scout Recon in the Army, to pursuing his dream in the City of Angeles, Ozzy Ramirez joins the #YearOfTheVet family to deeply share his experiences leading into the man he’s become today.

Life has always been a journey for Oz, literally, as Ozzy recounts hiding in a truck driven by hired smugglers, across the border into a life away from corrupted government and the cartel.  Moving all across California in his youth, Oz found himself finally settling down in Riverside in the 6th grade, only to find himself becoming the man of the house and the mentor to 3 young men at the age of 16—when his father walked away from his family.

The Guadalajaran—and self-proclaimed nerd, found himself teaching himself Jujitsu via VHS (remember those), and from those moments, he learned what it meant to be confident.

That confidence carried over into the Army, where he held his own in hand-to-hand combat, as well as behind the rifle—and then into casting calls and in the spotlight in theatrical shows like “Basketball Diaries.”

Ozzy shares his passions and his goals with me in this conversation, and has a call for action for those looking to get out the military soon:  Prepare if you can, Start a business if you can, and Separate yourself from the pack, by starting fresh in a new place… if you can.

Show Notes

 Pre-Army Oz (7:15)

 Working on “The American Accent” (9:06)

 The Dojo of Riverside (9:58)

 Immigrating to America (17:33)

 Having to become the Man of the House (21:03)

 All roads lead to the Army (23:33)

 Oz apologizes to his mother (26:14)

 Role-modeling to 3 younger brothers (27:47) 

 Life in Green (29:41) 

 Oz confirms that the DMZ is one of the craziest fucking places, EVER! (30:33)

 The Transition: All roads leave to… Barstow??? (32:51)

 Battling the Bottle (41:48)

 How Life stopped Death (45:44)

 Opening Pandora’s Box (48:05)

 Sticking with vulnerability (50:09)

 All-in (52:35)

 I could be the serial… rapist (54:53)

 My personal stint in “THE INDUSTRY” (56:27)

 The difference(s) between theatre and film (58:57)

 Hollywood is embracing the veteran community right now… but you’re not entitled to success (1:01:03)

 Becoming an overnight success (1:00:00)

 An actor’s struggle with “no” (1:05:03)

 Taking the suit off and being in your own skin (1:09:18)

 They’re just human beings who have a job (1:15:23) 

 Ozzy Ramirez: Making Nerds Sexy… (1:15:49)

 We got to Mars… (1:19:08)

 For those getting out… (1:22:14)

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