Rachel Hetzel, Founder of “OnPATH LLC,” joins the show to wrap up this year’s Women’s History Month.  

This conversation I had with Rachel was so good, that we ended up talking for a half hour after we finished recording, and then even more into the next week.  Rachel talks about how one day, she “woke up,” found herself unemployed, and literally accidentally drove into her newfound purpose of her new life.  That drive changed her “path” to focus her to where she is today!  

OnPATH LLC, Rachel’s consulting firm, I learned—is an acronym for Purpose, Action, Transformation, Health, which makes a lot of sense after listening to how Rachel has used the lessons learned through her “mentors” in life, to help her personal growth… but in this sense, she explains “mentors,” as being experiences in life—as well as individual people she comes across on her daily journeys.

She explains that, “everything you experience is preparing you for something,” and when you’re feeling stuck in life, “you need to step up your game or step out,” because it’s the moment you step out of your comfort zone, that change in your life can be facilitated.

“When the Discomfort outweighs the fear, you’re going to make a change.”

Show Notes

Some other topics we talk about:

•Growth Mindset: learning from your successful and or failed situations

•Taking a more deliberate approach with each stage of your decision-making process

•Modeling successful people to become successful in your own life

•Knowing what your skill set, your experience, and what your potential is valued at   

•Negotiation tips for job interviews.

•Intentional resume writing.

•Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)…
And much more fit into one hour of conversation.  One thing that I hope the female vet get from this conversation is that, “on average females come in and ask for a pretty significant percentage less than most male because they don’t think that they’re worth it,” therefore Rachel stresses to recognize what your worth is and be prepared to advocate from it.

If you’ve found anything Rachel said interesting, and would like to contact Rachel for more conversation, or even individual work, her contact information is:


  Lastly she definitely made sure to make me include the link to the Boulder Crest Retreat team.  I’ve taken a look at the website and read through everything they have to offer.  And Believe I will be taken advantage of this for both myself and my family!   I ask you to visit their site and see what they have to offer, for yourself!