The #YearOfTheVet family welcome Shannon Corbeil… that’s Corbeil like Sorbet.  An Air Force veteran who answered the call to service after 9/11, Shannon joins us to talk about her road to the silver screen. 

Right off the bat, you notice that Shannon’s ability to create a calm, fun, and enjoyable environment breaks through, and that same energy is held throughout our conversation.

In her past life, she served as an Intelligence Officer… but luckily for her, while stationed in Maryland she rekindled with her passion and fell into her future—one she had memories of starting as early as 8 years old.

A LOT is talked about, and sometimes we go on tangents… well… sometimes, I go on tangents, but one thing’s for sure—Shannon is the real deal.  She gives guidance to aspiring artist, she shares stories of advice that was given to her—in order for her to be able to make film her career.  She shares a little about the not-so-glorifying aspect of fighting to get noticed, yet still in all that—we tell each other jokes.  Like… actual jokes.

Shannon makes time to give back to our community, and not just by being a guest on the show… but by involving herself in the world that was created to give back to the veterans.  She shares about her involvement with the phenomenal Architecture in Motion group, Diavolo… and also her connection with Pin-Ups For Vets—a non-profit that uses the money it raises to provide the VA and other facilities aiding veterans, with new, updated, or missing medical equipment that would help provide better care for our brothers- and sisters-in-arms.  

In fact, if you would like to pre-order your copy of the newest Calendar to be released next year, please visit, and reserve your copy today!  Shannon can be found in November—so after listening to today’s conversation, you can tell people, “I know her… kinda…”

I highly encourage you to reach out to Shannon, regarding any questions covering breaking into show business, classes to start out with, We Are The Mighty, Diavolo, Pinups For Vets… or anything we’ve covered in the show.  I had a blast with the soon to be household name, and I hope you do too!

Show Notes

 Corbeil like Sorbet (04:22)

 Pre-Air Force Shannon (08:14)

 Shannon’s pivoting point into patriotism (10:57)

 Slightly off-topic conversation about Moorpark, Ca. (12:15)

 She REALLY hates frozen things… like really hates them (13:43)

 The time my best friend wanted me to punch him in the face (14:57)

 We Are the Mighty (16:23)

 Back to business… more ROTC talk (17:43)

 Why Shannon said enough to the service (20:11)

 Going for it! (22:00)

 Why not military contractor? (23:50)

 Has Hollywood paid off? (26:36)

 Gratitude & Gratefulness (29:03)

 How the military helped prep for the life of an artist? (32:45)

 Shannon’s extensive theatrical training (35:53)


Need look no further for your next superstar to kill off at some point down the line right when you just start to enjoy their character… (38:29)

 Shannon’s advice for seeking out quality training in a flooded industry (41:30)

 Diavolo: Architecture in Motion (43:24)

 Miss November, or one of… (47:08)

 Branding yourself as an actor (51:08)

 I made a shitty reference to Jurassic World that I’m sure nobody listening got… so here’s a Tumblr link to redeem myself  (55:05)

 If you don’t have the job, create it (55:15)

 #YearOfTheVet turns Comedy Hour with Heroes   (59:31)

 HOLLYWOOD… City of Angels, or Broken Dreams? (1:08:57)

 Shannon’s advice to vets who are struggling (1:10:32)

 Is acting for you? (1:11:50)

 Advice for her younger self… TRUST. (1:19:32)

 Wrapping up with Cosmic Pole Dancing and Fire Eating (1:26:08)

*Put in your dues… the best thing is to learn both sides of the camera

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