Navy Veteran, Naval Academy Grad, Flag Bearer… and a Priest?  Joining the #YearOfTheVet family only days after saying “I Do,” Tim Mossholder is NOT a pastor… but he is a self-proclaimed “Typical Overachiever,” which does come out in conversation. 

By the age of 13, Tim had selected his career track, his service branch, his designator, and how he was to become commissioned—thanks to the movie Top Gun, and a random Lt. that happened to be a best man at a wedding he’d attended.

Once a candidate for the Naval Aviation program, Tim was forced to pivot course into a new line of work—a few times. Although wanting to actually serve as long as he possibly could, Tim had a wild ride before the military gave up on him and let him go. Now medically separated, Tim eventually found himself learning the ins and outs of Bradley-Morris and has embraced his ability to learn and deeply understand his company’s beliefs and practice, which is why they’ve asked him to represent Bradley-Morris on their company branded podcast focusing on improving veterans professional lives called Veteran Influencer Podcast, or V.I.P. for our beloved acronym hounds. 

We talk a lot about Bradley-Morris, the leading military recruiting firm specializing in transitioning military and veteran talent, and their process that focuses on helping vets find the right job by utilizing a pretty intricate process of a structured tried and true program algorithm mixed in with a healthy amount of individualization. Tim shares a lot about how Bradley-Morris is continuing to focus on helping veterans find relevant and fulfilling jobs that utilize their skill-sets and place them in a good position for growth within their companies and their lives. What we learn most is that Bradley-Morris isn’t in the business of finding a company that is the best fit for you, they also teach companies how to KEEP you on the team. 

Tim also shares lessons he’s learned along the way—for instance If you’ve had tax money deducted from your severance pay… you may want to look into the “St. Clair Decision.” I know its a long conversation but, that’s primarily because Tim knows how to hold a conversation and he is very captivating.  But more importantly, Tim drops a ton of knowledge that he’s picked up on the road that could help immensely; for instance, the importance of having the ability to select your own boss, adding value to your new company, and looking beyond the job description… 

How do you start a podcast?  Don’t take it from me… Take it from the guy who’s is going through the process now, which is one more topic where Tim has some guidance to give… and some damn good guidance too!

I had a blast with Tim, and I want to publicly apologize to Tim’s new wife for taking so much of your newly-wed time!  Please, I urge you to supports Tim’s podcast V.I.P. and you can even find me running my mouth on an episode, as Tim has bee kind enough to have me on his show as well!

As usual, check out the show notes, and reach out to Tim if something piques interest, and please write a review and share!

Show Notes

 (6:01) Mic Check - Bon Appetite

 (7:09) Mossholder…… just like the plant

 (11:16) What are the chances…?

 (14:06) Facebook fails

 (15:38) Segue (How Technology and Transition blend together)

 (16:24) Welcome to the club! Vets talk wedding planning.

 (19:40) Prepping to fly Navy Jets at 13… This is—Pre Navy Tim.

 (23:12) Being an over-achiever 

 (27:00) Accepted

 (28:12) That one time when Hilary Clinton called Tim. 

 (29:51) A look into hind sight

 (32:56) The difference between a BA in English at the Naval academy… and the rest…

 (34:22) Might as well do it in Florida right?

 (37:48) What it feels like to fly

 (42:52) The Great Sky War

 (45:59) If you know the CO of the Blue Angels……… 

 (46:20) “…and here’s your down chit” 

 (49:50) Falling into the greatest deployment ever

 (55:28) The military just wasn’t meant to be.

 (59:10) The Integrated Disability Evaluation System/St. Clair decision

 (1:04:06) ”Don’t go to business school…”

 (1:08:07) Tim on Choosing his own boss… and showing his brass balls.

 (1:15:12) Getting into sales….? You have 7-seconds—G0!

 (1:19:18) “Huburis is one notch down from arrogance”

 (1:20:37) Addressing some beef I had with recruiters… The age old Officer vs. Enlisted quarrel.  

 (1:24:52) “Call centers aren’t a bad thing.”

 (1:27:25) “Don’t think of the color blue…”

 (1:30:19) The recruiter-candidate relationship from start to finish

 (1:35:06) What makes an individual “not the best fit?”

 (1:38:55) Aligning Interest

 (1:41:54) We’re outta the job fair business at Bradley-Morris

 (1:46:51) Marketing yourself 

 (1:51:33) Continuing the relationship

 (1:54:45) Gone back to college?  You’re not out the circle!

 (1:58:23) If there’s a will, there’s a way…

 (1:59:55) Bradley-Morris gone Podcast

 (2:04:50) Lessons learned on starting a podcast

 (2:07:37) Pastor Tim pops up again…

 (2:08:30) Trends

 (2:11:12) Well that’s a thing I can do…

 (2:13:07) Imposter Syndrome

 (2:18:05) Certainty 

 (2:19:43) Tim’s advice to those following in his footsteps

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