From the cardboard to chemo, Tim Lawson's journey of resilience started as a young teenager battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and now he joins us as the newest member of the #YearOfTheVet family!


November 2002… a 17 year-old aspiring B-Boy gets diagnosed with cancer… May 2003: remission… 2006: a Hard-Charging Marine.  Not too long after separation... a suicide survivor...

This conversation takes Tim from behind his mic, and gives him the platform to talk about himself for once—and thank God for that! 

The conversation we have is so rich with knowledge and personality, and we cover topics as deep as depression, to the reason we should wear pants during an interview.

Tim created his foundation in Digital Media in the days before podcasting and social media were popular forms of entertainment… and what that means is that he’s been honing his craft for the better half of decade, having created and ended more projects than Thanksgiving dinners you’ve eaten since Y2K.  What drove him was the love he had for talking to people, as well as being able to freely create creative content—and throughout that time he got to experience the highs, and he also really experienced the lows.  And because of his journey, he’s able to come onto #YearOfTheVet and share the lessons learned during his road to the top!

Tim and I talk transition (of course), entrepreneurship, podcasts… but we also talk about the importance of seeking out someone to be able to talk to, as well as the expense of “finding yourself.” A lesson learned from this conversation is to not keep your mouth closed when you want or need something, and that it’s ok to rely on your network for not only times of abundance, but also in times of need.

As it pertains to dealing with depression, which Tim is well versed in, he mentions that awareness is key, and suggests that an individual should seek out therapy when feeling good and happy, and not as a last resort—or when depressed.  And that’s mainly because therapy should be seen as a tool, and not as a weakness or a burden.

And speaking of tools… Tim shares a few of his favorites, that he feels will help individuals be better versions of themselves!

I had a phenomenal time talking to the man with the Golden Voice, and I hope that you enjoy this conversation with Marine Corps Veteran… Mr. Timothy Lawson!

Show Notes

 (5:14) The Voice of an Angel

 (6:01) The Grand Ol' Man of Podcasts

 (6:48) Pre-Marine Corps Tim

 (7:25) Who Needs School When You Have a Cardboard Box?

 (7:56) Passionate About Passions...

 (8:51) When Life Strikes...

 (10:33) Being Invincible.

 (14:38) From B-Boy to Barracks...

 (19:04) Is Serving Your Country Unethical?  Survey Says...

 (20:12) Becoming the Best of the Best... of the Best.

 (21:44) Geography for Marines...

 (22:48) Marine to Media Mogul!

 (23:32) The Regrets of a Content Creator…

 (25:28) That Moment When Tim Shows His Age...

 (26:59) The Perks of Podcasting

 (28:39) Tim's Transition into the Unknown

 (31:13) Pride and Homelessness

 (32:34) The Knowledge Nobody can Prepare you for...

 (33:49) You are Worthy!

 (36:06) How Tim Learned to Wear Pants...

 (37:28) The Resources (un)Available

 (38:09) Tim Talks Transition

 (39:46) Shining Light on the Dark

 (43:30) Tim has a Revelation...

 (45:13) Growth from Death

 (48:13) Acknowledging Triggers

 (50:51) Controlling the Controllables

 (52:02) A Different Type of Therapist

 (53:36) Tim's Thoughts About Therapy

 (55:12) How Hard Work Pays Off...

 (55:56) First, No entrepreneur really knows what they're doing

 (56:29) Nobody wants to ACCOUNT!

 (57:41) The Legend of the Mysterious Work/Life Balance

 (59:09) Same Say Luck, I Say Prepared...

 (1:02:23) Tim's Words of Wisdom

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