On this episode of #YearOfTheVet, we welcome Travis Collier to the show!  Travis joins us as a Keynote Speaker, a Transition Coach/Advisor, and Organizational Performance Consultant, and most recently the author of, "Command Your Transition: Declare Your Intent, Craft Your Mission, Make it on the Outside."


Travis brings a unique perspective on transition, being that  Lieutenant Commander Collier is still active duty in the Coast Guard, during the time of this conversation.  Thinking that he was going to accept early retirement, Travis had gone through the mental and physical motions of military to civilian transition, and through his process—he was able to notice some key elements missing in the generic exit classes, and decided to write the book that he wishes he could have during transition.

Show Notes

During this 2-part conversation we hit some key elements of his book such as:
- When is the right time to start thinking about your transition back into to the civilian world
- How to set yourself up for success in both the military and the civilian side
- Networking
- How long you should take to unwind from the service, and
- How long you should expect to be on your job search for the salary you believe you are worth.

There is so much more spoken about in this conversation, and I expect that everyone will pull something from it.

You Can Contact Travis At: