#YearOfTheVet introduces the newest member of the family, Colby Carson. This guy’s parents are so f*cking American, that they wouldn’t let him play soccer because of asthma, but they signed the papers to let him become a United States Marine!

However like many service members, Colby’s military career was cut short by an unexpected event. Colby was released from the Marine Corps on a Humanitarian Discharge because he had to go home to his sick father, and a family that was falling apart fast without him being home.  This was his ball and chain that kept him from making the Marine Corps a career.   But it was also the life he had to face when he woke up daily, and soon when opportunity arose—Colby found himself contracting himself out to work in the realm of his previous MOS in the Middle East. 

Fast-forward a few years—now Colby works for Sprint as a Global Mission Control Analyst, oh… and helps to build recognition of the non-profit that helps veterans live off the grid by building sustainable living in veteran built communities… called Veterans Off-Grid.  A non-profit that offers 100% eco-friendly, zero-carbon footprint housing for homeless veterans. Veteran’s Off-Grid teaches communities of veterans the essential fundamentals of off-grid living, but the non-profit also focuses on building the individuals back up to reintegrate back into society.  Building the homes is therapy; and that therapy is adding value to the homeless veteran population, regifting them with purpose, and giving them a second chance to succeed.  And Colby shares how enduring a moment of fight or flight in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor ended up becoming a piece of the website—figuring out that he has some writing talents which he learned about as he found himself writing to unwind from playing in the sandbox for the years he did.

Colby and I have developed a bond of brothers that can appreciate each other’s hustle and what each other stand for.  We frequently keep in contact, although shamefully he more than I; and this bond was developed not through years of service together, but just recently through him having listened to the show and reaching out to see if I would have a conversation with him about a theory he has… and from there a bond was formed.  Colby is proof that people listen—and I offered him the platform to talk about Veterans Off-Grid, but you know how I roll if you’ve been listening for a while… we’re going to get to know Colby and try to learn some lessons from another veteran’s transition to make ours a bit easier.

Never forget… Transition is Continuous.  

This conversation is fun because he and I had been recording for shy over 35 minutes before you hear my voice, and when you have rapport with guests, conversations just flow a little better.  Last thing… if you feel like Veterans Off-Grid is an organization that you can support or would like to get involved with—please reach out to Colby

Show Notes

 (4:01) Proof That People Listen!

 (5:45) What Colby’s Listening to

 (8:07) Pre Marine Corps Colby

 (9:01) Asthma Schmazma

 (12:30) Colby’s mom is a snitch. 

 (14:53) I Wanna be a Badass

 (16:42) Adjusting to the Corps

 (17:25) Selective Excellence

 (18:06) “One Thing the Marine Corps Taught me is That I Don’t Like Bullies”

 (19:00) A Necessary but Undesirable Return

 (20:51) The Silver Lining Buried in Burden

 (22:33) Saying Good Bye to Your Brothers

 (23:26) Instant Contractor... Just add water

 (26:25) “Every check was like the most amount of money I’ve ever had”

 (28:58) Playing in the Major League

 (40:10) Intelli… blogger?

 (42:13) Grinding

 (43:28) Writing Gives Power

 (45:40) Adopting Honesty as Your Only Policy

 (46:36) Post Traumatic Growth

 (50:46) Veterans Off Grid

 (53:46) My Perception of Living off grid

 (55:23) What it means to live off grid... for real this time.

 (58:06) Earthships

 (59:14) How to Start Living Off-Grid… maybe 

 (1:00:37) Colby’s Role

 (1:02:31) Guidance to Vets out There Struggling

 (1:04:51) Advice for Those Transitioning

 (1:07:31) The McFly Effect (think about it)

 (1:10:43) Oh... THAT Old thing...

 (1:11:30) Working to becoming Tall… Talking legacy

 (1:14:20) Giving Praise Where Praise is Due

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