Josh Heath joins the #YearOfTheVet family to share his journey in, through, and out of the service—into his current day-to-day life.

Josh is an Entrepreneurial Peacebuilder, a Freelance Writer and Editor at High Level Games, Game Developer, and this summer he launched his company, Reach-Out Roleplaying Games, as well as his website

Show Notes

Josh and I talk about how setting small realistic goals has been an important tool in helping get to his next highest point.  We talk about his path of advocacy, not only for student veterans, but also for an under-recognized religious culture, Heathenism.

Last, we talk about using the hobbies you have to act as a transition buffer in order to have something to break the ice into your new life.  Apart from some other common themes we hear on #YearOfTheVet such as networking, and working hard for what you want, Josh introduces a solid lesson on using your future endeavors, to not only choose the schools you apply to, but more importantly choose the specific professors you should study under--in order to help advance your career.

Josh is also the author of Old Don: A Heathens Tale, and the founder/co-founder of The Open Halls Project, which I highly suggest you look into.    

Josh can be reached by: