Maximilian Lopez, a Marine Corps veteran, joins us today on the #YearOfTheVet podcast to talk about his transition from the service to where his is today!

Nerd of the Marine Corps (5948 - Radar Technician) turned civilian Engineer, Lopez shares with us his continued journey of transition—and we're talking life... not just military!  

Born into poverty, Lopez found a way out—HIS way out... and from that moment on, the only reason he looked back was to remember why he was moving forward.

Show Notes

Some topics of interest?  Loyalty, gratitude, family, resilience, and most important of all—mental and personal preparation for forward process toward your goals!  Lopez brings to the table that ALL transition isn't BAD transition—and that transitioning out of the service doesn't have to be a headache... which is something that we all should know!

I urge you to give yourself the opportunity to listen to this conversation, even if it has to be in smaller chunks, because the quality of the words that Max brings to the table almost made me forget I was hosting the podcast—because I could listen to his story in depth all day!